Intimate With The Infinite

by Amy Steinberg

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Nicholas Bennett
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Nicholas Bennett Thank you so much for singing these words, Amy. They speak new truths to me every time I listen to your songs, about love, our shared inner divinity, giving, and so much else. I'm starting to sing for the first time since childhood to these songs, because I believe them so wholeheartedly. Much Love. Favorite track: You are the Light.
Stasia Bliss
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Stasia Bliss It speaks to the heart of one's intimate connection to the Divine. It makes it personal and beautiful, reachable and tangible to have a relationship with the Infinite Oneness. I LOVE the music, rhythm, rhymes and beat! Favorite track: Rise.
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This CD is a result of a KICKSTARTER campaign! I am SO thankful to all the contributors! WOO HOO!!! WE DID IT!


released May 10, 2013

written by: Amy Steinberg
produced by: Justin Beckler
mastered by: Tony Battaglia


tags: pop Charlotte


all rights reserved


Amy Steinberg Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Power
there's a power in a seed, reminding itself how to become a tree. there's a power in a cell, and it's capable of making a you or a me. there's a power in a word, vibrating at a frequency. there's a power inside that power, inside that power is love! you can feel it revealed when an open broken heart begins to be healed. it breaks like the sky, when the long dark night starts spinning on the wheel of the world. watch it rise! out of the ashes comes another day of bright light, shining through your perfect blue eyes, so much surprise, every single time we fall in love. there's a force in the fist, when unclenched it ceases to exist. it shifts into light, so much freedom releases from the wrist. insist on bliss! insist on bliss! insist on bliss and love!
Track Name: One Step
old time religion is a box i do not fit in, i am metaphysical, i am transcending. change the situation by changing your mind, raise the vibration by knowing you are divine. make a mental path, one step, repeat. i surrender to the presence of god in me. make a mental path, one step, repeat. i am practicing the presence of the goddess in me. what do you believe? you've got to know your truth. pure potential possibility - that is you! if you stand in opposition you perpetuate the thing, what you resist persists, so let love be what you bring. follow your intuition and the passion that you got. be pulled by your vision don't get pushed by your thoughts. everything experienced is energetic. be aware of energy you give and you get it. out of the routine, slip into observer state. change your mind by changing habits, choose a different way. say yahoo yes! to your highest and your best. what you desire you can straight up manifest!
Track Name: Flying on Faith
You could go ahead and tiptoe through your life, digging in the dirt you could stress on the strife, but I’m gonna fly past the worry and the pain, today, I’m flyin on faith. You could cry all night bout the things that you hate, so dissatisfied in so many ways, but I’m gonna find a way to celebrate, today, I’m flyin on faith. Picked up my baggage and I threw it out the door. Not looking back because the past is such a bore. I’m gonna stand with the moon with the stars up in my face, today, I’m flying on faith. You could hurry full of worry let the fear take you out, imagining the worst, overcome with doubt. There’s no way to know, knowing is the only way, today, I’m flying on faith.
Track Name: Intimate with the Infinite
let me be intimate with the infinite. let me be deeply revealed. one with the knowing, ever present, ever growing, let me remember what's real. let me be intimate with the infinite, vulnerable and free. i wanna be one with the sweetness, completely one with completeness. let me be gentle with me. falling in love with everything, falling in love with divinity. falling in love with everyone because god is in you and god is in me! let me be intimate with the infinite, let me be open to you. i wanna sink in the spirit, i feel it, i hear it. i see in your eyes the truth. give it to me, god.
Track Name: You are the Light
my eyes are wide and open, my eyes can see, my mind is filled with knowing, my mind believes. i am awake. i am awake. once you know where your freedom lies, you can't go back and close your eyes, the truth it cannot be denied. you are the light, you are the light, you are the light. my heart is clear and growing, my heart can see, my soul is full of knowing, my soul believes. i am awake, i am awake!
Track Name: All that is Found
listen to it over and over and you will get them!
Track Name: Surrender to the Incline
when your feet feel a shift in the road, when uphill is the only way to go, when resistance is all you can find, surrender to the incline. when the levels all seem cocked, when the easy way is blocked, when the rollercoaster is clicking up the climb, surrender to the incline. up and away may not feel familiar, and the steps that you're taking, they don't lead to where you are. all the hard work that your doing is gonna take you closer, nearer, the stars. closer to who you are. your spirit, it will not stand still, so hear it and let go of that will. fall into the hands of time, surrender to the incline.
Track Name: Rise
look up and you're sure to go up, look down and you'll probably fall down. place your attention on where you wanna be and you'll be there eventually. look out and you'll probably go out, look back and you'll probably fall back. place your focus on what you wanna be and you will be it so easily. rise! rise! out of the old paradigm. rise! rise! Into the presence of the divine. think good and you'll sure to feel good, think love, you're probably falling in love. watch your thoughts and choose carefully, and you will be just what you want to be!
Track Name: Better than Fine
i'm gonna cross that bridge when i get to it, gonna climb that hill one step at a time. i'm gonna brave that storm under my umbrella, well i think i'm gonna be just fine. i'm gonna cross that bridge when i get to it, then i'll laugh at myself when i get through it. gonna walk that balance beam and i ain't gonna break my neck, heck i think i'm gonna be just fine. driving in the fog, can't see but ten feet in front of me, but when you're driving in the fog, ten feet is all you need. i'm gonna build that house, one brick after another, gonna hike that trail, under the moonshine, gonna live my life, moment by moment, oh i know i'm gonna be just fine.
Track Name: Grace
when the shadows fall all around, and the day disappears without a trace, when the blackness of night drops down, i call on grace, grace, grace. when the lonely is too much to bear and the world feels like a cage, when nothing is easy or fair, i call on grace, grace, grace. this life can make you wonder the meaning of it all. and it feels just like you're going under when you fall, fall, fall, into the hands of hope, the hands of faith, the hands of peaceful grace. at the bottom of autumn's wave, the trees shed their leaves leaving space and that emptiness frees up a place where we can call on grace, grace, grace.
Track Name: Turn on the Light
turn on the light inside your mind, turn on the light and let your light shine. turn on the light inside your heart, turn on the light come out of the dark. sheltered by the shadows in the comfort of your misery, can't you see the patterns of your pain please look at me, the world is out here waiting for your life to begin again, i miss you but i can't stay with you here in the abyss my friend. turn on the light and you'll finally find all you need to believe in the beauty within you my friend. turn on the light and you might be surprised that the darkness inside that you feel isn't real and the sunshine is on the horizon, i see it in your eyes and i see that you're trying, so come out of the dark